Monday, June 27, 2011

Blowing our own trumpets

Apologies blog-fans Mr Ducker may be off lounging by a pool in the south of France for a few days - so no there won't be any shoemaking posts this week I am afraid...I've been just too busy getting shoes ready for fittings and finished for customers...

but we are still basking in the glow of our recent Balvenie Masters of Craft award win. You may have spotted a certain Other One in the Life section of the Sunday Telegraph recently?A great day to see British craftsmanship being recognised....

and we wanted to share one of our books with you showing what some of the fuss was about!

Normal service will resume later this week, when you can look forward to a post on tool making. After Mr Ducker's recent posts on creating a beautifully slim and curved waist I'll be giving you some top tips on making an especially curved awl to get into that troublesome inside waist! A necessity for the wedding shoes I welted last week!

Happy shoemaking and try not to think of Mr Ducker in the sun - I am!!