Saturday, January 19, 2013

Last day of January 2013 course

It is the last day of our January course and despite London's snow-covering we were all raring to go and on time this morning. After a day of rasping, sanding and glassing yesterday, we started the day with dust-free, clean floors and tabletops to concentrate on finishing.

A rahn file, plough and file were dutifully employed to sharpen up sole edges...

 then a generous coating of black dye helped to disguise any lumps, bumps, rips and stitches...

Soles were burnished and rubbed smooth and glossy...

heels and edges were waxed, burnished and rubbed smooth...

and then we pulled lasts, tried on the shoes, made lifts and socks to help them fit and it was polishing time.
The dapper Francesco

 Our maestros of the military polish were Francesco and Ruben whose mirrored toes put us all to shame!
Polishing perfection - a master class!
Fortunately there was cake and Cava to hand to lift spirits as we all said our goodbyes. I only hope that the snow doesn't delay everybody returning home. Safe travels!

Ruben, Austin, Gudrun, Alistair, Francesco, Asa and Javon

James and I have had a fantastic fortnight! We hope everybody has enjoyed it and gone away even more enthusiastic about the handsewn craft and determined to keep creating shoes.

....and their beautiful shoes!