Friday, September 27, 2013

Lynn Oxford - A Tribute

From time to time life throws you a curve ball....a reminder that this is not a rehearsal and that every second should be lived to the utmost.

Last weekend, a very dear friend died from a heart attack. Fit, healthy and full of joie de vivre, this was a bolt from the blue. Why are we sharing something so personal? Well, this lovely woman created our logo and brand identity. She brought my solo business, Atelier Carre, to life with a wonderful sweeping 'A' and 'C'

in the days when I made bags and small leather accessories, as well as handsewn shoes...

and then together with James, helped us to realise carreducker. Thanks to her wonderful design sense we have a timeless ident - simple and strong - that appears as the CD hallmark below on the soles of every pair of shoes that we make...

as 'wallpaper'....

 ...with our business name, on all of our packaging, marketing materials and website 

...and together with Gieves' logo on our boxes.
We've always been determined that the carreducker brand should have significance in the shoemaking world...but now even more so!

Lynn Oxford

So in honour of Lynn, let's live life to the full and until next week, happy shoemaking!