Sunday, January 19, 2014

Shoemaking Course January 2014 - Days 11 & 12

We can't believe it's already over. This course has really flown by. They've been a lovely group of diligent, conscientious and very hard working students and it has paid off. If the energy levels had been higher they could have been finished by Friday morning.

As it always is with something this intensive, the finishing stages actually took a long time. But it was definitely worth it for the results. Lovely straight edges on the heels, smooth soles and generally well-shaped sole edges.

Hours were spent rasping....

glassing and sanding...

The calm at lunchtime before the final onslaught!
 dyeing, waxing and burnishing...

Cheryl's beautiful natural soles - hope that your husband was impressed with all of your hard work.
 Followed by a few more hours of nourishing the shoemakers...

and the uppers, before buffing the toes to a military shine.

There was even time to go through measuring and fitting up lasts. The fit on all of the shoes was good - even for the non-bespoke lasts - with only small adjustments needed to fill extra space.

And the results? A very happy group with their well-fitting, shiny shoes!
David, Jonathan, Gee, Martin, Cheryl and Rachel
Congratulations guys and we look forward to seeing the next few pairs taking shape. Remember we're only an email away if you need any help or advice! Until next week happy shoemaking!