Friday, May 24, 2013

New Boots

Welcome once more, gentle shoe folk of the world. Another week passes and it's been a bit of a tough one. Jet lag has been sending me a bit loopy on and off all week. Going west it seems to be ok, but heading back east is much harder. Poor, overworked shoemakers!

Despite being very busy this week, we have not had any making which has been out of the ordinary or particularly worthy of comment. So, we are going to show you a pair of boots which we think are particularly lovely.

A classic carr├ęducker design, the Saddle Boot. The original looked like this.

Rather lovely and rather popular with its combination of black calf and antiqued chestnut calf. This one had  30s inspired facings, with a curve like spats which, while beautiful, had slight gaping issues when worn.

So the next incarnation had more V shaped facings and more substantial stay stitches. And were monotone. Still lovely, of course

And so to their latest (and greatest incarnation)

Same basic style but, two tone leather - Madeira blue with rich tan calf skins, but with the addition of the very striking sky blue glace kid lining. All in a very sleek, contemporary looking classic boot. We love them. And so, thankfully, does the customer.

And the blue laces are the finishing touch.


Until next week, happy shoemaking!